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‘Céline Haddad’ is an eponymous luxury womenswear brand that elevates everyday style by incorporating hand-finished detailing, tailoring and couture fabrics in ready-to-wear.

Daring, dynamic and diSTINCT, this label is designed to make the urban woman of any age feel edgy, confident and comfortable.

Its prime quality clothes and accessories are functional and can be worn throughout the day and for any occasion rather that one special opportunity.

The French-Lebanese designer uses fashion design as means of self- expression and change and strongly believes that there is more to garment and accessories than pure aesthetics: Fashion is one of today’s main communication and influential tools and by making proper use of it, designers can serve great causes and raise awareness on several topics.

She hence draws her primary inspiration from the exploration of societal, generational and personal controversies that often arise in today’s civilization and particularly enjoys revisiting wardrobe classics thus creating expressive, experimental and exciting silhouettes that are liberated from norms and rules with the perfect balance of traditional and trendy.