While © CÉLINE HADDAD's collection may appear to be about femininity, it features fourteen bold, daring, and controversial looks that aim to be provocative and go against expectations. Rébellion is an audacious, eclectic collection in which the designer presents spirited and elegant rebels asking for the liberation of women and garments from rules and norms.

This collection aims to challenge traditions by revisiting classic and timeless garments and presenting them in their rawest form. It does this to demonstrate the importance of inner foundations, and convey the message that beauty is not only reserved to what is perfected and polished. Every step towards reaching completion is beautiful too.

Additionally, RéBELLION pairs quaint retro classics with provocative and sensual accessories and skin showing thus proclaiming the importance of the assumption of femininity and the freedom of expression: We live in an era where being women no longer rhymes with being delicate flowers, but with sensuality, independence and power and where women can wear what they want, how they want, when they want . The dissent of the rebels is emphasized by adding utilitarian inspired accessories to complete their looks.

© CÉLINE HADDAD resorted to  juxtaposition of contrasting textures of fabrics such as fine silk and merino and black leather allowed © CÉLINE HADDAD to create expressive, experimental and exciting silhouettes with a balance of traditional and trendy.

RéBELLION’s versatile clothing and accessories can be worn by women of all ages and are created to easily transition between various occasions and not only be reserved for special opportunities.