A Category 1 mask
© CÉLINE HADDAD’s Monogram Knitted Face Mask is a Category 1 (UNS1) mask. Category 1 (UNS1) face masks are recommended by the HCSP (Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique), in France. They are commonly used by professionals who have frequent and prolonged contact with other people.
Attention! This product is not a medical device, nor a substitute for personal protective equipment.

An environmental friendly mask
Our face masks are made of two outer layers of knitted cotton and a fully-integrated middle layer of polypropylene, main component of surgical masks.
They are washable and reusable, which means less waste.
They are delivered in a recyclable packaging, wrapped in plantable Seed Paper for those who would like to grow des plantes sauvages.

Design, comfortable, pratique
© CÉLINE HADDAD’s Monogram Knitted Face Mask is made of soft comfortable knit fabric, and designed to flatter the faces of both men and women.
It comes in black, embellished with our large monogram in white. Its neutral colors can be worn easily with any outfit, while adding a bold touch to it. The 3 dashes at the tip of the mask are here to indicate its bottom side.
The face mask comes with:
- An adjustable vegan leather strap, that goes on the back of the head to free the ears for maximum comfort and support.
- Two velvet ribbons, to tie at the back of the head, for the same comfort and support. They are designed for those who wish to add extra style to their outfit. Feel free to explore different hairstyles. The ribbons can also be used to tie the mask around your neck while you are not wearing it.
- A hand-finished cotton pouch for a more hygienic transportation.
All of the above items can be used with any other face mask.

A kind mask pour tous
© CÉLINE HADDAD’s Monogram Knitted Face Mask is produced in France under controlled ethical work conditions.
The profit generated by the sale of our masks will help provide reusable face masks to less-privileged children in Lebanon, through the non-profit primary school ‘Paradis d’Enfants’. These masks will allow them to continue their education in healthier and more favorable conditions, and keep their families safe.
Using UNS1 reusable face masks helps leave the medical-grade masks (FFP2) to the healthcare workers, who need them the most.

74% Cotton
19% Polypropylene
6% Polyamide
1% Elastane
Vegan Leather
Velvet Ribbon

Care Instructions
The knitted face mask and cotton pouch are machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius. We recommend washing them after every use.Do not machine wash the leather straps and ribbons, s’il vous plait.

Additional information
Made in France.
One size.

Due to hygiene reasons we cannot accept exchange or returns on our face masks.
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